friday icons: catherine deneuve

large straw stripe sun hat, Amazon, $29.99

Banana Republic, $59.50

with YSL

Vintage Two-Tone Cat Eye, Urban Outfitters, $14

Target, $49.99

No one has aged more gracefully than French actress Catherine Deneuve.  Aside from a brilliant film career, she was the face of Chanel N°5, best friends forever and ever with one Yves Saint Laurent and dated my number 1 euro-film-hunk,  Marcello Mastroianni.



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2 responses to “friday icons: catherine deneuve

  1. Lauren

    I had no idea she was once a brunette!

  2. Rylee

    The sunglasses…

    why do people look hotter in sunglasses? I thought eyes were supposed to be sexy, but sunglasses cover them and take chic to a new level. I love these ones.

    Also, I am not a Proper Noun Person, but am newly in love with cigarette-smoking Catherine. Who is she? And can you find a hat like hers?, because while I can’t do the cigarette, I’m pretty sure I could pull the pose with a highlighter or something in my hand…

    (finals have caused me to obsessively watch your blog, sincere apologies for including you in severe procrastination)

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