friday icon: jane birkin

Friday icons is a new weekly post that will feature women who simply nailed it.  They oozed so much style moxie, that it is still plastered all over department stores and boutiques today… for under $100, of course.

American Apparel, $38

Lulu’s, $55

Urban Outfitters, $54

For an English chick, Jane Birkin did understated French style perfectly… well, that is when she wasn’t running around Paris half-naked with dear Serge.   Birkin, of course, was the inspiration for Hermès’ most sought after Birkin bag.  Mother to Balenciaga muse, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Givenchy muse, Lou Doillon, she must’ve been doing something right.



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2 responses to “friday icon: jane birkin

  1. Marissa Cohen

    I love this new Friday Icon and that LuLu’s dress looks like it would be so flattering on anyone!

    Perhaps if I stop wearing a uniform of jeans, Gap t-shirt, and Converse, you could choose me as a Friday icon one day…?

  2. Lauren

    Yay for a fun Friday thing! Love the Jane.

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